My Debt

What is this debt about?

We collect a variety of debts, including Council Tax, Non-Domestic, Penalty Charge Notices (also known as PCNs) for local authorities (councils), and unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) under a High Court Writ of Control

I don’t think I owe this debt. How can I dispute it?

If your debt relates to Council Tax or Non-Domestic Rates, you must contact the relevant Local Authority if you do not think you owe any money. If your debt relates to one or more Penalty Charge Notices then please contact us to discuss your dispute. In the case of a High Court writ of control, please contact the court directly. Enforcement action will only cease if instructed by the client or via court order.

There are two people named on the liability order I have received, and I have paid my half of the debt. Why are you still pursuing me?

There are two names on the liability order or writ of control because you are Joint and Severally Liable for the debt. This means that either of you can be pursued for the full amount of the debt, not that it is split between you. We can continue enforcement action against you until the full amount of the debt has been paid.

What happens if I pay part of the debt?

If you only pay part of the debt without discussing this with us, enforcement action will continue until the full amount of the debt has been paid.

I need help to manage this debt! Where can I find debt advice?

We understand that you may need a bit of extra support from time to time, and we will do our best to work with you to understand your circumstances and find a suitable solution. We recommend that you seek professional debt support from a reputable provider, click Read More to find links.

Dealing with debt is causing me distress. Where can I get support?

We understand that dealing with debt can be difficult, and support is available if you are struggling to cope. Click Read More to find a list of organisations that can help.
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