Gender Pay Gap Report

For 2021/22


“I am pleased to publish our annual gender pay gap report. 

At Bristow & Sutor, we wholeheartedly support the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.  We recognise the value and importance of creating a culture based on these principles, where all colleagues have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of gender or other differences.

The ability to attract, retain and develop our people is key to our ongoing success and we continue to review employment practices across the Group to create an inclusive and supportive working environment for everyone.  We seek to eliminate barriers, embrace difference and champion inclusion in all aspects of recruitment and selection; development and progression; pay and benefits; terms and conditions, and also when managing any grievance or disciplinary issues.

We want to be recognised as a dynamic and people centric employer and we are fully committed to providing everyone with the same opportunities to build a successful and rewarding career at Bristow & Sutor.”

Anthony O’Keeffe, Chief Executive Officer


Although in any given role male and female employees earn the same basic salary and have the same bonus arrangements, they tend to undertake different roles (Opposite).

Enforcement agents earn bonuses based on amounts they collect and so will still typically earn more than staff undertaking general office roles. Therefore, as 38% of staff are enforcement agents, the people undertaking this role will continue to earn more in total and particularly in bonuses than other non-management staff. These individuals are predominantly male and therefore males as a group earn more in total and in bonuses than females.  As part of our EDI commitment, we are actively encouraging more females into Enforcement agent roles.

Statutory Disclosures

Bristow & Sutor (Services) Limited has more than 250 employees. Under the regulations we are required to report our gender pay gap data for this entity for the 12 months to 31 March 2022 as set out in the table below:


We confirm that Bristow & Sutor’s pay gap calculations are accurate and in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Chief Executive Officer -  Anthony O’Keeffe 

Chief Financial Officer - Brian Maynard 

Understanding the gap

What does the gender gap mean?

The ‘mean’ gender pay gap of 25.8% means that the average female employee earned £25.80 less in every £100 than the average male employee.  Put another way, the average female employee’s total earnings were 74.2% of the average male employees earnings.

The ’mean’ bonus pay gap of 80.2% means that the average female employee earned 80.2% less in bonuses than the average male employee (or the average female’s bonuses were 19.8% of the average male employee’s bonuses).

The mean is the average amount across all males and all females.  The median is the person in the middle when all males and females are ranked in order of total pay or bonus.


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