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High Court Enforcement

The recovery of unpaid County Court Judgments, by means of taking control of a judgment debtor's goods in order to reimburse the judgment creditor under a writ of control.

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Our High Court Enforcement Services

Transfer Up Service

Our SRA regulated colleagues at Credit Style are able to assist with obtaining High Court writs of control on unpaid CCJ’s, provided the judgment is under 6 years old, the amount owing is over £600, and the debt is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.

Permanent, employed HCEO 

We employ an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer within our business, who is personally liable for any action undertaken on all writs of control. This direct oversight ensures the highest possible standards are achieved for our clients, and all best practice and regulatory requirements are followed to the letter.


We recognise that people move and are often unaware that they have outstanding debts. Our unique technology integrations enable us to identify people who have moved address and get in touch with them at their new address.


We have a specialist welfare team and work closely with the debt advice sector to protect vulnerable debtors and achieve positive outcomes for all parties.

Nationwide Coverage

Our network of over 200 enforcement agents cover the entirety of England & Wales, enabling visits to be made quickly and efficiently wherever the location of the judgment debtor.

Client Portal

Keep up to date with the live progress of all your cases via our client web system. The portal links with our case management system and enforcement agent app to ensure the live position of any case can be accessed 24/7. Management information on the performance of your cases is also available via client web at the click of a button.

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