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Our new booking system for efficient and effective training


In this weeks Leading the Way blog, we reveal the recent changes made to how Bristow & Sutor books and facilitates training online, why this is important for external partners and how it will impact overall efficiency and success.   


At Bristow & Sutor, we regularly provide training internally to members of staff to ensure best practice and recognise the importance of broadening knowledge and understanding amongst debt advice sector partners, conducting regular training on our methods and approach. As part of an ongoing commitment to client development, we also provide free training sessions for our customers, covering a vast range of important industry topics.  

Our ambition is for all clients to benefit from our training capabilities in the same way our members of staff and industry partners do. Consequently, we have devised a new online booking system to increase engagement and make getting involved simpler and easier than ever before.  


Identifying the need 

We successfully adapted our training so that it could continue virtually during the coronavirus lockdowns and this experience helped to refine the way our sessions are delivered, making them more useful than ever. Training on the latest developments in the enforcement industry is imperative for our clients as understanding the nuances behind why we do what we do can improve relationships and efficiency, ensure cases are handles appropriately from the start and directly impact ongoing performance.  

Bristow & Sutor regularly ascertain feedback from staff and customers whether that be through open discussions, feedback forms or surveys. One area where we identified room for improvement on the back of these activities was how easy it was for clients to find out about and access our free training sessions on offer. It quickly became our goal to ensure utilising the benefits of shared knowledge and experience was as effective as possible.  


So, what’s on offer? 

We are delighted to reveal the new and improved online training booking system is now live, where all sessions that are currently available will be listed and can be accessed at the touch of a button. All of our clients are welcome to join as many of these sessions as are relevant to them and it is hoped these will be engaged with as strongly as our regular external training provisions to partners, debt advice sector personnel and other enforcement industry services and suppliers.  

Training on how to identify, assess and support vulnerable customers effectively is set to be conducted this Thursday (12th August) at 10am, with a further session available on Thursday 26th August at 11am. Similarly, we will be discussing the benefits and practical considerations of working with Debt Advice Providers in Third Sector focused sessions also happening on Thursday 12th August at 11:30am, then again on Thursday 2nd September at 10am.   

We will be advising on the National TOMs Measurement Framework and what it means for our clients on Thursday 19th August at 10am, then again on Thursday 2nd September at 11:30am. User training on the Bristow & Sutor Client Portal is also offered for beginners, admins and those in need of a refresher. This can be organised on request at any time via a specifically highlighted link.  


Bristow & Sutor will be introducing a wide range of additional subjects soon, including technical sessions for parking and revenues over the weeks and months to come. Please visit our dedicated online training page for the latest information and to register for one of our sessions that are already available for bookings now.   

If you would like to request bespoke training on a specific subject, please contact [email protected] 

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