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Working with debt advice providers to increase understanding


In this weeks Leading the Way blog, we consider the benefits of collaboration between enforcement and debt advice professionalssharing some of the positive outcomes Bristow & Sutor has seen from working towards common goals. 

Bristow & Sutor has a long history of successfully supporting vulnerable people in conjunction with both the debt advice sector and Local Authorities. Our EAs (Enforcement Agents) are all Level 2 Qualified and are trained to spot and signpost people towards advice, making referrals to specialist welfare and safeguarding teams as soon as a potential case of vulnerability is identifiedAs part of our ongoing commitment to help debtors improve circumstances and outcomes, we regularly offer training sessions and presentations on our processes to debt advice providers.

Debt advice professionals must have a strong and accurate understanding of the enforcement process so that they can discuss options confidently when these conversations ariseBristow & Sutor has made significant strides in social responsibility and customer welfare initiatives in recent times and it is in the best interest of debt advisors to understand what this involves to best inform those they engage withOur presentations aim to ensure all attendees become well equipped with knowledge on how we conduct our work, as well as attempting to overcome any misconceptions or preconceived ideas through question-and-answer sessions.

We recently undertook our first presentation of the year, which was held virtually for members of staff at Coventry Citizens’ Advice & Coventry Independent Advice Service, in conjunction with our ongoing support of Coventry City Council. Our presentation on the enforcement process was conducted by Simon FreedmanSolution Manager, and Helen Addis, Social Responsibility and Customer Welfare ManagerThis collaboration was provided to ensure all priorities were represented and a wider range of knowledge and experience was available to attendees.

Topics included the three stages of recovery (compliance, enforcement and sale or disposal), contact and payment options, taking control of goods and the impact of the coronavirus on the collections process. Simon and Helen also shared information about the Bristow & Sutor Independent Advisory Panel and how this is helping the business towards its ambition of being recognised as the most responsible, transparent and innovative provider of enforcement and debt collection services in the UKThe session was well attended and positively received, with 100% of those to complete a post-session questionnaire stating the event was informative and left them feeling more confident to speak to clients about the recovery processFeedback included“I felt reassured by the approach B&S take to employing and training EA’s and to client welfare” and “well worth the time to attend.” Bristow & Sutor were delighted at the level of interest displayed and the desire of many attendees to receive more information about our community work. Consequently, future sessions are set to be planned for the coming months.  

In addition to our presentations, walso recently published a blog about Breathing Space legislation and how Bristow & Sutor will work with both Local Authority customers and debt advice professionals to ensure all communications remain clear and effective. We will be joined by Sam Nurse, Director & Chair of Money Advice Hub and member of Bristow & Sutor’s Independent Advisory Panel, to discuss this during our next webinars. These are taking place at 3pm on Tuesday February 9th and 10am on Thursday February 11th. To register your interest in attending please click here. 

Bristow & Sutor continues to attempt to add social value to the communities we engage with and remains committed to its ethos of being cool, calm and collected.

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