Debt Enforcement

Can I hide my goods from an enforcement agent or sell them to stop them being taken?

No. From the moment you are sent a Notice of Enforcement from our office your goods are “bound” in law. This means you cannot sell them or dispose of them. If you deliberately sell them to a friend we can still take control of them as if you had not sold them.

If you hide your goods somewhere else we can apply to the court for permission to enter and take control of them from their hiding place. You will be responsible for the costs of applying for the court warrant to enable us to do this.

It is even more serious if you or someone else intentionally interferes with controlled goods (goods an enforcement agent has listed). If you do this you, or they, may be guilty of an offence and be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for up to 51 weeks or a fine up to level 4 (currently £2500) or both.

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