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Personal Protective Equipment


At Bristow & Sutor, we understand many debtors will be concerned about maintaining social distancing once lockdown measures ease. No Enforcement Agents (EAs) are currently permitted to attend a property and we will continue to implement this for 30 days after restrictions are lifted, unless specifically instructed otherwise by our clients. In anticipation of visits being undertaken by our employees again, we have invested in a comprehensive suite of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and associated training that will soon be distributed to our employees 

PPE is designed to protect staff, customers and the general public from exposure to COVID-19. It will be essential that any business with employees who travel or visit members of the public must have adequate PPE in place, as well as staff who are trained to use this equipment confidently, safely and correctly. Moving forward, all Bristow & Sutor EAs will possess facemasks, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, disinfectant sprays, gloves, bin bags, and self-sealing envelopes 

To ensure this equipment is used effectively, all Bristow & Sutor staff will be required to pass training on correct usage before they may resume activity. This free training will be provided by CIVEA and includes guidance on when to use each piece of equipment, how to apply it, how to remove it and what the new rules are on conducting visits using it.  

Planned approaches will be made clear throughout the training process to ensure social distancing is maintained once visits are permitted again. Advice will be given on scenarios such as attending properties that require lift or stair access, as well as general practice beyond the use of PPE, such as where the safest surface area can be found to knock on a door 

Wherever possible, Bristow & Sutor EAs will travel alone. If traveling with a trainee or colleague, both will wear facemasks as providedDisposable gloves will be used when refuelling at garages and for immobilising vehicles. Additional cleaning measures will be mandatory for before and after each visit, including scenarios such as clamping a vehicle, which now requires the additional step of applying disinfectant spray. Cash payments will not be accepted from debtors initially post lockdown, but contactless payments will still be accepted. 

Bristow & Sutor is also ensuring EAs remain aware of mental health support available and the latest NHS guidance on self-isolationshould they begin to feel unwell at any time. The public, our customers and our staff can all rest-assured that safety remains our number one priority.  

Bristow & Sutor continues to follow the guidance of CIVEA and adheres to the collaborative Post-Lockdown Support Plan. We remain committed as ever to service approach of Cool, Calm and Collected.  


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