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Meet Simon Freedman


In this weeks Leading the Way blog, Simon FreedmanSolutions Manager - Revenuesshares his experience of working with Bristow & Sutor and previews some of the topics he will be discussing at the IRRV Virtual Conference 

Over to Simon …  

I originally joined Bristow & Sutor in a Business Development capacity after providing solutions to the Local Government sector for over a decade. I have a strong understanding of Local Government practices, particularly Revenues, and enjoy designing tailored, wide-ranging solutions that utilise the best from people, processes and technology.  

Ahead of my guest speaker role at the IRRV Virtual Conference, I would like to share some insight into my topic, The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Collection Process. During the conference, I will be discussing current Revenues requirements, the importance of client aspirations and the innovative ways businesses can still deliver measurable services and genuine social valuewhilst remaining empathetic and commercially aware of the national situation. 

The solutions approach 

I was originally drawn to Bristow & Sutor because they seemed to offer personal and bespoke solutions to clients whenever possible despite being a large organisation. The company has a strong reputation for its ethical approach and they regularly advocate the benefits of a direct employment model for enforcement agents (EAs). I am a firm believer that doing things differently to the widely accepted norm can result in better productivity and performance, so I am pleased to say my time with Bristow & Sutor has been very successful so far.  

There is no one size fits all response to enforcement needs, which is why we look at client objectives and aspirations before offering our recommended response. We do not believe in inflexible models and every contract we undertake is personalised and aligned to the wants and needs of individual clients and their customers. This approach is ensuring we dig deeper than figures and learn what internal goals will generate the most successful outcomes.  The quicker clients engage with us and openly share ambitions, the faster we can offer solutions and achieve optimal results.  

Looking forwards instead of backwards 

There is a lot we can learn from history and experience, but it is also true that doing what you have always done will get you what you have always got. Years of continuing to take a traditional approach provides comfort and safety but does not necessarily produce the best results. A wealth and depth of experience in delivery coupled with a tailored and innovative approach would combine the best from both worlds and produce significantly improved outcomes.  

Engagement canat timesbe treated with a degree of anonymity and familiar formalities, but it does not have to be that way. Video calls are making society more contactable, approachable and personable than ever before; with daytime catchups over coffee or lunch also proving just as productive compared to traditionally formal meetings. This year more than ever has shown that change is unavoidable. The coronavirus has impacted every business and industry imaginable and we are not exempt. By focusing on areas such as social value and added value, whilst encouraging prospects to engage months instead of days in advance of contracts being up, change can result in better processes that suit everyone.  

Adopting a flexible approach to re-engagement during COVID-19 has been an essential requirement and the results have spoken volumes. EAs have been surprisingly well-received by debtors and the positive response to visits should see more and more clients consider their best practice approaches for the future. A solutions approach to the collection process may have seemed unique at the start of the year, but it certainly should not by the end of it.  


I will be discussing The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Collection Process on Wednesday 7th October 2020,  day 2 of the IRRV Virtual conference. You can register to attend the event now by clicking here 

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