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Following on from last week's 'Meet the Team' blog, we have invited our Health & Safety Officer, Debbie Mayneord, and First Aiders, Kez Barrett and Jade Haden, to share what Health & Safety at Bristow & Sutor means to them.

Debbie Mayneord

I start every morning with a large cup of coffee and a review of my calendar to see what meetings I have and I plan what I need to achieve that day. By 10 am that plan has usually gone out of the window! My workload is extremely varied and I often find myself moving between H&S and Quality tasks. I have to prioritise what needs to be done and I have learnt to accept that my day will not always go to plan.  

No two days are the sameI have internal audits to do, PPE checks to make, Fire Tests to undertake, Management Reports to prepare, Accident / Near Misses to review, Document Change Notices to deal with, Non-Compliances to resolve … the list goes on and on.  

 Worrying that I am not doing enough to keep people safe and having to cancel meetings because something more urgent has come up are some of the most difficult parts of my job. But being able to make a difference and doing something that I love is the best part. Having a Defibrillator installed led to many people contacting me to say how much safer they felt knowing we had one at work, which is lovely to hear. Having the support and trust of managers and being given independence to achieve are too of the biggest benefits of working with Bristow & Sutor.  

I am very proud that I passed my NEBOSH exams with a Credit. I spent three months learning and revising for the examination so when I received an email to say I had passed I read it over and over! Expanding our Mental Health First Aiders network is something else that has been my ambition and I am pleased to say continues to go very well.  

Kez Barratt

I first became a First Aider with Bristow & Sutor in 2009 and over a decade later, still really enjoy my role. have learnt lots of useful and reassuring information from the First Aid and Defib courses I have attended. Over the last 11 years I have treated people for a wide range of problems, the majority of whichI’m pleased to sayare low scale needs like handing out plasters for paper cuts and taking staff members outside when they feel sick/dizzy and need fresh air.  

I have also dealt with things slightly more serious on occasion like burns and cutsup to more high severity cases like seizures, angina attacks, heart problems and even a manager who had broken his collar bone! There is never a dull moment when you’re a first aider!

Jade Haden

I have been a First Aider based at Bristow & Sutor for several years now and somewhat fortunately, I have never had to deal with any major accidents, just the occasional bumps and cuts. The support and training provided by the company is brilliant and my opinion on these matters always feels valued and considered. 

This is a difficult time for everyone going through the coronavirus pandemic, but as I am expecting my first child in April 2021, I am probably more concerned about safety than ever before! I have received so much support and everyone is very accommodating to what I need to do to in order to feel safe. Debbie and Lian in particular have been extremely helpful and regularly check in with me, offering any support and assistance as soon as it is needed.

For more information on Health & Safety at Bristow & Sutor, please see our Meet the Team’ blog post with Debbie Mayneord, which provides more details on our response to the coronavirus. 

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