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How the enforcement recruitment drive benefits those facing redundancy


In this weeks Leading the Way blog, we address the high volume of job roles available across the enforcement industry currently and explore the reasons why skills from unrelated industries can be highly sought after, resulting in fresh career opportunities for job seekers with diverse backgrounds.  


At the Bristow & Sutor Group, our growth and continued performance through uncertain times is evidence that a career in enforcement or debt collection remain safe and stable options. This unquestionably appeals to people who have either gone through or remain at risk of redundancy. The current climate in the UK post-pandemic has caused significant upheaval and uncertainty in many sectors, which will continue to have a profound impact on employees considering the future for many years to come.  

The prospect of a highly rewarding, stable and secure career is seeing many common misconceptions overcome and applicants from other industries discover there is more variety and room for progression than they expected in the sector, especially at large firms where different teams and expertise mean interests can be developed and explored over time. The Bristow & Sutor Group, for example, is made up of Bristow & Sutor, Credit Style and Debt Recovery Plus (DRP). Each business follows the same principles but is unique in the specialisms and services they provide, ensuring members of staff have a multitude of options available internally to progress in areas they discover a passion for. 

Helen Addis began her career within the Group at Debt Recovery Plus, but last year made an internal move to Bristow & Sutor and re-focused her career towards providing social responsibility and customer welfare solutions. On her move, Helen said, “Social value has always been my passion and I am thankful that this was both recognised and encouraged by the Bristow & Sutor Group. There is no resistance to change within the three businesses, which proved really beneficial to me when I discovered the opportunity that had become available. I have been involved in some inspiring projects since making the move, fostering collaboration with Debt Advice providers and encouraging discussions and actions related to vulnerability and support of all people facing problem debt. This has led to me being invited to sit on the North West committee for the Money Advice Liaison Group which I am very excited to be part of. Helping the business further develop its welfare and social value support provisions has been fantastic and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.” 


Adapting expertise  

Enforcement and debt recovery firms were some of the first businesses to go on recruitment drives whilst the coronavirus pandemic was still at its peak. It is more important than ever for local authorities and private businesses to collect what they are owed and backlogs created by lockdowns have only strengthened the need for support from experts in these areas.  

A prime example of how quickly situations in other sectors can change is the current energy crisis, which is seeing many firms collapse and countless jobs put at risk. Credit Style, our sister company within the Bristow & Sutor Group, deal directly with insolvency and support many partners that are tasked with high volumes of these cases. They and many other businesses like them are very interested in hearing from candidates who have lost their jobs in the energy market, as despite not always being directly related to debt recovery, the experience of the sector represents a high level of insight and understanding that can prove invaluable. The Bristow & Sutor Group has an excellent reputation and track record for training and we are confident that with dedication and application, we can show people in need of work how to apply their existing knowledge into a long-lasting career within our industry. Once a member of staff joins us, they are welcomed into an open Group and have the opportunity to learn about everything our colleagues do, creating limitless possibilities and potential for reshaping and realigning careers.  

A role as an Enforcement Agent (EA) at Bristow & Sutor represents an opportunity to be majorly based on the road but there are countless home and office-based positions available too from collections teams who speak to customers over the phone to digital personnel, route planners, Human Resources (HR), finance, training, legal, marketing, IT and so much more. Other sectors are currently on high recruitment drives too but do not necessarily provide the same progression prospects or financial incentives. We support calls for job advertisements to be transparent on salary and the vast majority of our current live roles include this information as standard, so that interested job seekers can make an informed decision on their consideration of moving into the industry.  


Fresh ambitions 

It is important to remember that once you have joined a large company, you are not restricted to the initial role undertaken if you have the ambition to work hard and climb higher. Being part of a group of successful businesses is advantageous for all involved as best practice is shared and new doors are continuously opened through collaborative success.  

Nicholas Sutton has worked for Credit Style for over 12 years and was recently promoted to Client Account Manager, he said, “I was able to earn this promotion in part thanks to the expanded opportunities Credit Style has offered since becoming part of the Bristow & Sutor Group. Progression has always been encouraged at the business, but the investment and structure that this merger brought have accelerated the possibilities and flexibility of career pathways available both to current and new staff joining the business. My long-term aspiration in my role within the business today is to help grow and expand the team and work with the sister companies even further.” 

As well as looking to provide career routes to experienced people and workers with transferable skills who are unfamiliar with the industry, there is also a plethora of junior roles available to young people who are considering what they want to do with their careers at a unique time for young people. Jeanette Clure, Group HR Business Partner at the Bristow & Sutor Group, says, "This business utilises the breadth of channels available such as traineeships, internships and apprenticeships, which helps us give opportunities to young people and also diversify our workforce. We aim to raise awareness amongst people who never would have considered a role in enforcement or debt recovery, including boosting our involvement with education establishments such as colleges and universities. I have really enjoyed working across all three businesses within the B&S Group since moving into a group-wide role and being involved in enhancing and developing career opportunities.”  


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