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Festive well-wishes from the Bristow & Sutor Group


In this weeks Leading the Way blog, we take a look at some of the activities happening across the Bristow & Sutor Group and preview some of the positive initiatives that will continue in 2022.  


Problem debt can occur at any time but it is an unfortunate reality that Christmas is a period when budgets can become stretched. The Bristow & Sutor Group would therefore like to remind customers that we remain available and on hand to discuss individual circumstances at this time. For many, resolving a longstanding issue will be the best way to make a fresh start in 2022. But this is not always immediately possible and we want to ensure support is given directly to customers we engage with and also the wider community.

Bristow & Sutor, Credit Style and Debt Recovery Plus (DRP) are all involved in ongoing charitable initiatives, and these are compounded at this time of year. From volunteering at food banks to providing charity boxes and fundraising football matches, we are very proud of all the activities our people remain involved in for the benefit of others now and in future.


Making a community impact

This year we announced The Money Charity as our new charity partner and selected them largely for the work they do in improving personal finance circumstances for people of all ages. The charity provides education, information, advice and guidance to help people manage their money better and increase their Financial Wellbeing, focusing less on how much money a person has access to and more on harnessing what they do have, to ensure money is used as a force for good within their lives.

We have made several financial contributions to the charity this year including an additional donation this Christmas to further assist them in their important work. But our support goes far beyond the money we are able to provide. We are committed to raising awareness and invited the charity to share our stand at the IRRV Annual Conference in Telford, providing access to a highly relevant audience, fostering important conversations about the future of financial wellbeing and securing new revenue streams. We are pleased to reveal that in early 2022, the first sessions booked as a direct result of this event will be taking place across various community groups and educational institutions all over the UK, including one school that has requested training to be provided for every single pupil. We are excited to reveal more details on these events soon.


Remembering to look within

The Bristow & Sutor Group always takes the health and wellbeing of its employees very seriously but prioritising this was even more important after the onset of the national health crisis. We were delighted to reveal last month that we had completed our first CIVEA audit and scored a flawless 100%. We are very proud of this accolade but always strive to do the right thing not only for the benefit of our partners and clients, but for our own people too.

This Christmas, Staff at Bristow & Sutor, Credit Style and Debt Recovery Plus have taken part in raffles, Christmas Jumper competitions and other internal activities. Some events, such as a bowling and pizza night, were able to take place early in December, but we are remaining fully mindful and adhering to reintroduced restrictions, converting other planned celebrations into virtual events.


All teams within the Bristow & Sutor Group operate using skeleton staff as much as possible over the Christmas period. It is to our employees’ credit that they remain fully committed to ensuring they are available to speak with customers during this time, but we do our utmost to ensure this responsibility is shared and that staff are able to rest and spend time with family and friends as much as possible. 

Our duty of care towards our people of course goes beyond the festive season and we continue to provide training, employee benefit schemes and mental health awareness initiatives. We regularly survey our staff on their thought and feeling as our goal is always to be the best place to work we can possibly be. As ever, Bristow & Sutor continues to commit to its ethos of being Cool, Calm and Collected.


From everyone at the Bristow & Sutor Group, to all customers, clients and partners, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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