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Enforcement Agents Return to Work Today


As per the UK Government COVID-19 response, Bristow & Sutor Enforcement Agents (EA) are resuming visits from today, Monday 24th August 2020. We have thoroughly reviewed our practices and ensured we are compliant with the latest guidelines published by Government 

No Enforcement Agent has been permitted to visit a property for the last five months due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but we have ensured this time has been used to continue providing training and development for all of our directly-employed furloughed employees. As a result, our usual high standards can still be expected by clients and the public will benefit from engaging with our expert staff immediately from today.  

It is important for members of the public to feel safe and not be scared by misinformation about what returning to enforcement means. Ultimately, our professionals are returning to work and will be picking up where they left off at the end of March. As our employees are directly employed, they are not paid based on the performance of one visit, so their goal remains to help find the best solution and not focus purely on immediate revenue. We have always believed this approach promotes the right behaviour and ensures the best results and experience for everyone.  

On Monday 20th July, we began supplying reconnection letters to debtors, giving them the opportunity to set up flexible payment arrangements and discuss changing circumstances before our EA services recommenced. Visits were stopped as soon we were instructed to do so, but by  continuing with sensitive welfare calls to debtors (thanks to our call centre and customer support employees remaining available) we have ensured we remain up to date on the circumstances of the people we engage with most. We are highly experienced when it comes to identifying and supporting vulnerable people, and whilst it is important to acknowledge that more people could find themselves facing vulnerable circumstances right now, the skills and techniques required to handle these scenarios remains the same. We believe that our approach should maintain the same sensitivity and pragmatism that recovery cases should always be handled with.  

As well as the usual high-quality range of portals, apps, and debt recovery tools we are known for, our continued investment in technology means EAs will return to work supported with the latest route optimisation technology. This is set to promote fuel efficiency, remove the need for manual route planning and provide real-time visibility that will further ensure trackability and accountability at all times. 

Bristow & Sutor take safety very seriously, for our employees, our clients and for the public. All of our EAs have completed the COVID-19 training set out by CIVEA (as will all new recruits) and have been trained to use PPE equipment effectively. Bristow & Sutor has provided all EAs with protective masks and it is mandatory for these to be worn on every visitEAs will also now possess equipment such as hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, disinfectant sprays and gloves as standard. There is no reason for the public to be concerned, especially as EAs will still not be entering any properties (bar exceptional cases), making a visit no more of a risk than a parcel or food delivery.  As per latest Government guidelines, EAs will not enter homes in areas where lockdown regulations place any restriction on gatherings in residential properties. We will take extra care to ensure voices are never raised and if a debtor confirms they have tested positive for COVID-19, that visit will end immediately.  

Bristow & Sutor has always fostered a culture of training and learning as the public have every right to expect well-trained, helpful and knowledgeable engagement, including now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted. We remain committed to our company ethos of being cool, calm and collected.  

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