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3-year partnership with The Money Charity

October 2021

Enforcement firm announces 3-year partnership with The Money Charity

The Bristow & Sutor Group has signed a charity partner agreement that will see the Midlands-based company provide support, volunteering and annual donations to The Money Charity from October 2021 until at least October 2024. 

The announcement comes after the charity joined the enforcement firm on their stand at the recent IRRV Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Telford International Centre. As well as generating additional support streams, attendance at this event fostered conversations with an audience of local authority professionals and key personnel involved in the improvement of Financial Wellbeing within regional communities, including the Mayor of Telford.  

The Money Charity provides education, information, advice and guidance to people of all ages, helping them to manage their money well and increase their Financial Wellbeing. The charity has been in operation for over 25 years, providing guidance, workshops, webinars, resources and consultancy services. All of these help people engage with making good financial plans, achieving their monetary goals, creating financial buffers and building resilience against unexpected life events. The charity is supported by organisations who share the same passion and aspirations as they do, looking to give back and re-invest generated revenues into making a difference.  


Michelle Highman, Chief Executive of The Money Charity, said, “At The Money Charity, we passionately believe in the integral value of our Financial Wellbeing and Financial Education work as the best way to help people of all ages across the UK to get to grips with their money and live a happier, more positive life as a result. In our discussions with the Bristow & Sutor team, we were encouraged with how they shared this vision and wanted to contribute to it. 

"Their funding commitment will play a significant role in helping us to continue offering high-quality, independent and impartial training and input to all sorts of people, particularly those who might not otherwise be able to access this sort of opportunity. We look forward to a fruitful partnership which will help raise greater awareness of, and engagement with, the continued importance of the UK increasing its Financial Wellbeing.” 


Bristow & Sutor will provide donations to the charity continuously, a portion of which will be undirected funds and the rest specifically allocated for delivering Financial Wellbeing training to local community groups and schools. These will be allocated as part of the ongoing social value that Bristow & Sutor provide to the communities that they engage with. At the IRRV Annual event, members of the firm and the charity requested nominations from attendees, asking for regions and schools to be suggested that should benefit from this investment. IRRV students gain free entry to this exhibition and were able to speak to charity representatives about how they support early careers, as well as nominate their former schools as beneficiaries of future training.  


Belinda Marozzi, Workplace and Community Programmes Manager at The Money Charity attended on the day, she said, ““Attending the IRRV conference with Bristow & Sutor was a great opportunity for us to introduce delegates to The Money Charity's Financial Wellbeing work with Workplaces and Community Groups. We were delighted by the delegates' enthusiastic responses in nominating deserving Schools and Community Groups, who will now receive the offer of a Bristow & Sutor-funded Workshop, to be delivered by ourselves." 


Helen Addis, Social Responsibility and Customer Welfare Manager at Bristow & Sutor said,  

“Our support of The Money Charity goes beyond financial contributions and this was clear in the success of our joint attendance at the IRRV Annual Conference. We provided goody bags, printed notes, redesigned brochures and helped start conversations and raise awareness around this worthy cause. As a result, we obtained 53 nominations from individuals to help support local community projects, ranging from education and children’s settings to adult settings and large housing associations.  

“We are excited to be able to support the charity further over the next three years and aim to become an invaluable resource for all types of support, whether that be guidance on bidding for grants, HR needs, marketing materials or anything else that our staff can donate their time and expertise towards. We see the need for better education, in order to prevent problem debt and have a long history of both supporting vulnerable people and worthy causes that aim to instil good financial practices. We are pleased to be able to offer this support to our own members of staff as well and recognise the training and best practice benefits that they will obtain through this long-term partnership.”  


Bristow & Sutor has over 42 years of experience in the collection of local council tax, non-domestic rates and unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). The company is one of the UK’s leading players specialising in debt recovery and regularly encourages conversations between Debt Advice personnel and Local Authorities, utilising shared connections for the good of all involved.

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