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Enforcement Agent companies sign up to new standards

Bristow & Sutor is pleased to welcome the Civil Enforcement Association's newly established Code of practice.

Bristow & Sutor is pleased to welcome the Civil Enforcement Association’s newly established Code of practice, designed to ensure better supervision of enforcement agents and improve standards across the debt collection industry.

CEO of CIVEA Russell Hamblin–Boone says: “The code is a commitment by the enforcement industry to continue driving up standards and setting a high bar for anyone who wants to join our profession”.

As a business already committed to delivering integrity within the debt recovery process, Bristow & Sutor is thrilled to hear the announcement of new guidelines, which include a revised code of practice and review from an independent CARE panel.

With our own Independent Advisory Panel established and Enforcement Agents already fitted with body cameras, Bristow & Sutor is proud to be leading the way in an industry that is committed to improving the ethics and justice of its procedures.

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